Let Me Help You


Content Creation / Photography

You want to make your brand aware to the world but have to time to spend on social media channels, or don’t understand how the dreaded algorithm works?

That’s why you need me.

My role is to help your presence grow on social media channels, to make sure that your content reaches to an audience that fits your targets and goals. I am here to listen to yours needs and make them happen in the digital world. 


We will discuss what are your needs and goals, and what you require from me on a daily basis. On my side, I will dedicate at least an hour, five days a week to post content on your media channels, engage with your audience and create a sense of community between you and your potential clientele. 

Social Media Management

You want your brand’s feed looking professional, organised and that still sends a valuable message to your audience but don’t have the resources or the time to do so?

That’s what I’m here for.

I’m here to discuss with you what you would like to see on your social media channels, and make it happen. I will create bespoke content fitting to your brand’s image or current campaign you’re leading so it resonates with your audience.


We’ll talk about what exactly to have in mind and I’ll organise my time and will use my magic tricks to make it happen, creating an entire set of pictures or designs you’ll use for your media platforms.


You Need Both?

You need someone to take full management of content creation and your social media channels?

Let’s work together!

If you need both of my services, I’d love to know more about your company and its aims, and will make sure to fit your demands in my time schedule as my top priority.